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Started in 1983 by offering aluminium high pressure die castings to the market.

Gas tight appliances, painted esthetical products and heat exchangers is our specialism. Whether our customers want to invest in complete new product design or want their finished design to be produced, they call on Rubitech to deliver products to meet their unique requirements.

By adding LED technology and optics to our knowledge and experience of aluminium die casting, thermal management and smart production, a new standard for high bay lighting was born.

Our head office is based in The Netherlands. Production facilities in Malaysia and Romania. Final assembly in Europe. Dedicated supply chain management realizes short time to market.


Our story

In the early eighties, Rubitech was established against a background of an emerging Asia. Aluminium die casting has since been our core production technology. In our ambition to continue to exploit the opportunities advancing technologies were offering, the products and service portfolio has gradually expanded. Aluminium processing, LED technology, exchanging heat and supply chain management are the main drivers for contemporary Rubitech. In the early years of Rubitech this resulted in wall mounted heaters, heating boiler parts, flue duct elbows and domestic cooking burners. As customers evolved, so did our product line. Finished heat exchangers to own design were added to the portfolio. Heat exchangers evolved into luminaries with integrated heat sinks, electrical drivers and LED. Production is now concentrated in Malaysia and Romania and specialized production facilities for LED appliances in Holland.For the future, we focus on further expanding the basic activities of aluminium die casting, and LED appliances. Customers will remain business to business. In general projects and products will become more and more complex. With higher customer and product requirements to manage.

Our promise: Let’s make and deliver, inventive and fast!


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