LED higbay solutions

Industry leaders choose LED highbay solutions from Rubitech. Developed to perform and developed to last. Regardless of the circumstances. Driven by the passion about mechanics, thermodynamics and electronics and never sacrificing on quality. Rubitech continues where others stop. In-house engineering based on knowledge of thermal management and electronics.

LED highbay luminaires

This combination has led to the new generation LED highbay luminaires. The development and designing is done in the Netherlands. Rubitech produces the highbays in our own factory in Romania. With our approach we are helping our costumers to distinguish themselves in their market places. Having a constant eye for design, smart production and ultimately the best product.

Customized design

We produce and deliver based on exclusivity with customized design as well as white label products. Do you have a specific industry, which demands a highly adapted lighting solution? Feel free to make your specifications our challenge and let our R&D department brighten up your day.

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