RUBITECH obtains WCA certification following the audit: Commitment to employee safety and well-being


RUBITECH obtains WCA certification following the audit: Commitment to employee safety and well-being

Considering the request received from the prestigious company BSH, RUBITECH is proud to announce the achievement of WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) certification following a rigorous audit. This blog article aims to present you with the details and activities carried out throughout the audit and WCA certification process, highlighting our ongoing commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our employees.

Opening Meeting: Establishing audit objectives and presenting the audit procedure

During the initial stage of the WCA audit, an opening meeting was held to establish specific audit objectives and present the audit procedure to the auditor. Additionally, we provided the auditor with general information about our factory, offering a comprehensive understanding of RUBITECH’s operations and work environment.

Factory Visit: Prioritizing employee health and safety

A significant component of the WCA audit involved the auditor visiting our factory. During this visit, special attention was given to aspects related to the health and safety of our employees, working environment, and social facilities. The auditor assessed working conditions, security measures, and available facilities such as the dining hall, locker rooms, and other social amenities, ensuring that our employees benefit from a safe and comfortable work environment.

Confidential Employee Interviews: Listening to the voices of those involved

An important aspect of the audit was conducting confidential interviews with our employees. The auditor engaged in informal discussions with employees to gather feedback and gain a better understanding of their experiences regarding training, working conditions, working hours, compensation, and other relevant aspects. These interviews took place in a private space, ensuring confidentiality and transparency in the dialogue.

Document Verification: Compliance and adequate documentation

Another crucial aspect of the WCA audit was the verification of relevant documents. The auditor evaluated personnel files, occupational health records, attendance records, occupational health and safety documentation (including evacuation drills, first aid teams, first aid kits, occupational safety instructions, fire permits, risk assessments, etc.), environmental documentation, internal regulations, collective labor agreements, employee representatives, and others as per the attached list. The evaluation of these documents aimed to ensure compliance and adherence to relevant standards and regulations.

Closing Meeting: Best practices and corrective plans

At the end of the audit, a closing meeting was held to discuss identified best practices and address any observations. Together with the auditor, we developed an action plan to rectify any non-conformities and continuously improve our standards regarding working conditions and employee safety.

Our success is directly proportional to the well-being of our employees

Obtaining WCA certification is a moment of pride for RUBITECH and confirms our ongoing commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our employees. The WCA audit and certification have allowed us to assess and improve our existing practices, ensuring that we provide a safe, sustainable, and respectful working environment. We continue to focus on continuously improving working conditions and maintaining a strong commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operations.

We thank you for your support and trust in RUBITECH.

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