Staalstraal Brabant brightens up with Intenz Output highbays from Rubitech

Staalstraal, part of the Brabant group, is market leader in fully automated abrasive blasting and preservation of structural steel. Sustainable production and innovative solutions are part of their promise to the market. Recently Brabant Group have invested in sustainable energy solutions including industrial LED lighting from Rubitech.

Lighting plan for 14 areas

Rubitech together with our dealer Unique Lights had the challenging task of making the light calculation for 14 different areas all with different dimensions and requested lux values. Corné Muis (Account manager Unique Lights) used the Intenz Output range to come to the best lighting plan. The Intenz Output starts at 12.000 lumen up to 40.000 lumen.

All areas are well lit now which has a positive influence on the working condition and Health & Safety. Some of the workers spontaneously mentioned that they are very happy with the new lighting. The lux level in the complete factory is comparable with a daylight situation, but then 24/7. This creates a perfect working environment.

Highlights Intenz Output

  • COOLHEART technology, patented technology that keeps the heart of the highbay cool.
  • ZERO inrush. This means that 1 on 1 replacement with the old fixtures easy installation.
  • Smart Lighting
  • Made in EU
  • Up to 10 years warranty

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