Intenz efficient

Intenz Efficient

Efficient and cost effective solution with excellent light performance.

When multiple teams work in a hectic environment or in multiple shifts, it is essential to have complete flexibility and control over your lighting system to make sure you get the right light quality at the right location at all times. Even when the floorplan or working schedule of the operation changes.

Intenz Efficient.

The solution with excellent light performance.

Excellent light quality, easy installation and best energy costs in combination with long lifetime. Wired or wireless connectivity enables you to have a full control over your lighting system and the best total cost of ownership.Excellent light quality at the right location at all times.

Intenz Efficient at Kornelis Caps & Closures

Applied industries

Manufacturing & Logistics: Injection moulding, Furniture, Warehouses/Storage


  • The high-performance intenz Efficient ensures you will need less units to reach the desired light evel with a better quality light and a very high efficiency.
  • Fast Plug & Play installation and true 1-on-1 replacement ensures minimum disturbance to your daily operations.
  • Standard DALI interface enables manual or automatic light control.
  • GRID lighting allows flexible adaptation of the work floor areas whenever required, allowing the floor plan to change and develop with the operations.
  • Light Management Systems enables to energy savings up to 80%.

Technical specifications

  • Diecast aluminum Ø 33 cm / 4.5 kg or Ø 45 cm / 7.2 kg
  • Input 75 – 245W
  • Output 12.000 – 38.000 lm
  • Efficiency up to 150 lm/W
  • Temperature range -30°C – +50°C
  • Lifetime up to 100.000+ hr
  • IoT ready
  • Integrated driver
  • PF0.98
  • Zero inrush
  • Dali dimmable
  • Surge protection: 6kV
  • Lumiled LED
  • CRI Ra >80
  • CCT 4000K & 5700K
  • SDCM: <3
  • IP67 / IK07 (tempered glass), IK08 (PMMA)
  • Beam angles 60° 75° 90° ±113°

Highlights of Intenz

Smart lighting

Keep pace with fast evolving technology developments. Connectivity. Sensoring. Remote light management: We are ready for it. You can be too

Made in EU

Enabling delivery of consistent high quality, short lead times, flexible planning and low carbon footprint

Up to 5 year warranty

Due to a failure rate of less than one in a thousand, we will replace any lamp in the unlikely event that one might break down.

Certification marks

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