TNO climatic altitude chamber is equipped with new LED highbays

In the Power Test Centre of TNO in Helmond (the Netherlands) 12 Intenz Temperature highbays have been installed. The conditions in TNO’s climatic altitude chamber are extreme and that requires a high-quality LED solution that reliably illuminates even under the toughest conditions.

Intenz LED Highbay at TNO

Extreme temperatures and pressure changes

TNO is the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research and has a climatic altitude chamber where emissions from motor vehicles are measured, assessed and validated. The TNO climatic-altitude chamber enables testing under extreme ambient conditions: Ambient temperature can be controlled [between -45 °C and +55 °C] in a wide range from arctic conditions to desert conditions and ambient pressure can be reduced up to a level found at an altitude of 4,000 metres. The chamber enables testing of both light and heavy-duty engines and vehicles, including emissions.

Energy-efficient LED lighting

Engineer Robert Verschuren, project manager at the Power Test Center, was involved in the purchase of the new LED lighting. “There used to be flood lights in the test room, but these needed to be serviced after 3 to 6 months because they stopped working,” says Verschuren. The new lighting had to be resistant to extreme conditions. Energy-efficient and maintenance-free were also high on the wish list. Verschuren adds: “There is a ceiling crane in the test room, which moves across the ceiling. The options for hanging the lighting are limited ”.

Intenz Temperature highbay

Complete protection against moisture

The solution was found in the Intenz Temperature LED highbay from Rubitech. The Intenz Temperature has been specially developed for a long lifetime in extreme temperatures from -45°C up to + 80°C. This type of highbay is IP67, which means that the lamps are fully protected against dust and moisture. Ideal in a damp room. Energy savings are up to 80% compared to the replaced lighting. With a 10-year warranty, TNO can rely on effective lighting for years to come.

LED highbay wall mounted

Verschuren is also enthusiastic about the lighting plan and the fixation. “Rubitech came to us to determine the lighting plan. I was pleasantly surprised that instead of the 20 flood lights, we only needed 12 highbays that provide even more light. Ten of the twelve highbays are attached to the wall by means of brackets. The highbays do not get in the way of the crane and they distribute the light evenly ”. Verschuren concludes more than satisfied with the intensity of the lighting: “The entire space is very well lit. The light is brighter and therefore everything is clearly visible, even during the construction of the installation”.

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